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Winter 2013 Newsletter

We’ve Hit The Half Way Point – Is Your Business Where You Wanted To Be?
We have now hit the half-way point of the year. How is 2013 for you, are you meeting your business KPI’s, are you on track for your budget projections?  It’s easy to get caught in the daily grind of business and if you haven’t stopped to check your results how do you know if you are improving or not.
In this newsletter we have tried to provide material that will make you stop and take stock of where you are. After all, the definition of insanity is to keep doing the same thing and expect a different result. 

If you want some ideas and suggestions on practical things you can change to ‘SHAKE’ your business up, just give me a call on 9525 8788.


David Atkins

CASE STUDY - Tax Can Help With Cashflow Not Hurt It! 
Let’s set the scene:
Start up business with first year profits of $120K

  • Tax Bill $36K

Owners Plan - pay the tax bill with a lump sum payment. However after talking to us we highlighted 2 problems; firstly they need to pay this tax bill when it suits them, and secondly they could look at options to reduce next year’s tax bill to stop them being in the same position again.
Click here to read how we avoided the lump sum payment and established a plan to avoid the same problem next year.   


Tight Cashflow – How To Use Finance To Assist with Cashflow
An Article by John Stapleton – Finance & Leasing Solutions   

We have had a number of clients recently comment about the impact of capital investment on their business. Purchasing equipment or vehicles, even computers are a business necessity however these transactions doesn’t need to drain your operating cashflow. Financing these type of transactions rather than paying up front can be hugely beneficial for a business and surprisingly affordable.

We have asked John Stapleton from Finance and Leasing Solutions to provide an example of how this might work.

CASE STUDY – A business has $100,000 in their company bank account and plan to pay cash for an office fitout, new computer and telephone system. Good idea or not?
Click here to find out an alternative option and the surprising benefits for the business.


NSW Government has Deferred Abolishment of Some Duties – Does This Effect You?
An article by Rebecca Flynn, Principal, Warren McKeon Dickson Lawyers  

It feels like a very bad case of déjà vu, but unfortunately it’s correct that the NSW Government has again deferred the abolition of some duties which were due to be abolished in New South Wales on 1 July 2013.

The government has announced that in order to fund its commitment under the Gonski review, the abolition of these duties will need to be "temporarily" deferred.  To find out exactly which duties are impacted please
click here to see the full article.


Interested In Hearing Laure Daley Speak After The State Of Origin?

Interested in hearing:
Laurie Daley – NSW Blues Coach
Steve Edge – League Legend
Paul Roos – Former Swans Player & Coach
Matt Dunning – Former Wallaby
Chris Bath – Channel 7 Nightly Newsreader
Jim Wilson – Channel 7 Sports Commentator
All of these people in 1 event, and you could be there –
click here to find out more. 


The Winning Ways of a Great Leader – Sir Alex Ferguson
An article by Michael Moritz

When Sir Alex Ferguson waved to the crowd at a stadium just outside Birmingham (U.K.) for his final game as Manager, he was ostensibly saying goodbye to the most distinguished coaching career in the history of professional soccer, but in reality he was bringing down the curtain on one of the great displays of leadership in the past quarter of a century.

Click here to read this fascinating article and leadership and values and what you can achieve.