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Hi and welcome to our Autumn 2014 Newsletter.

Although we are only just into 2014, already there have been some interesting developments in economic and financial circles in 2014. With change comes opportunity, but how well are you placed to take advantage of opportunities this year? If the best business opportunity of your life was in front of you right now could you take advantage of it? Would you recognise it? It is always important to ask yourself these questions and if you don’t like the answers than make the changes – do what needs to be done!

Set new goals, make new plans, make 2014 different.

David Atkins


It Is Never About The Price

When you or your staff quote or provide a price for your product or service but the offer isn’t accepted, do you think ‘they thought we were too expensive’ or ‘the price we charge is too high’? Now, is this the right mindset? Perhaps we should be thinking differently about this. People get so caught up on the price that they miss the real message in the rejection.  
Clients don’t say no to you because of the price, there are other factors involved. But if not the price then what is the problem?
Click here to find out what REALLY impacts a person’s purchasing decision.


Lessons for Inventors from Wolf of Wall Street

“If you want to be rich, never give up.  People tend to give up.  If you have persistence, you will come out ahead of most people… More important, you will learn.” – Jordan Belfort, founder of Stratton Oakmont Associates, the notorious penny stock firm from the 1990s.

Although Jordan Belfort, the original Wolf of Wall Street obtained $50 million at the ripe age of 26, his investment strategies also earned him a well deserved jail sentence. 

Click here to read a few short “good” lessons you can learn from the “Wolf of Wall Street” book.


Congratulations to Paul who recently celebrated his 
70th Birthday!

Photo from left to right: 
Mary, Paul, Luke, 
Robyn, Elizabeth, Steven, Toni, Veronica, Maureen
Erin and David


How much superannuation you need to retire comfortably

Australia’s superannuation system, the fourth largest in the world, is huge and growing, but how much superannuation do you need to retire comfortably?  Will you have enough? 

Myriam Robin from Smartcompany summarises Deloitte’s annual report into your superannuation and just how much you will need to retire with either a “modest” or “comfortable” lifestyle.  

Click here for her summary.


Estate Planning and Why It Matters.

Estate planning is a term used by lawyers to cover a very broad range of services from Wills, Powers of Attorney to Structuring advice to minimising taxation, just to name a few.   At times this area can involve a complexity of financial management of one’s assets. But why is this so important? It is important to ensure your wishes are clear and your family are protected.

Click here to read more about this complex area of the law and why at times expert advice should be sought in order to protect one’s wishes.



Can an Independent contractor be deemed an employee?

It’s important to be able to understand the difference between an employee and an independent contractor. Knowing the differences may potentially save you time and money and will reduce business risk.  The Fair Work Ombudsman has put together a Fair Work Factsheet  to help determine whether someone is an employee or an independent contractor.

Click here to read more and view a simple comparison and explanation table.




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