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NEWSLETTER Winter 2014


We’ve Hit The Half Way Point – Is Your Business Where You Want It To Be?

We have now hit the half-way point of the year. How is 2014 going for you, are you meeting your business KPI’s, are you on track for your budget projections? It’s easy to get caught in the daily grind of business and if you haven’t stopped to check your results how do you know if you are improving or not.

In this newsletter we have tried to provide material that will make you stop and take stock of where you are. After all, the definition of insanity is to keep doing the same thing and expect a different result.

  • 10 Ways to trigger an ATO Audit
  • The five issues small businesses face and how to get over them
  • What To Think About When Selling A Business
  • Why Baby Bomers are so afraid to retire
  • Interested In Hearing Laurie Daley Speak After The State Of Origin?

If you want some ideas and suggestions on practical things you can change to ‘SHAKE’ your business up, just give me a call on 9525 8788.

David Atkins

What to think about when selling a business


No one knows your business as well as you do so when it comes time to sell your business there are a few critical things you should think about during the pre-sale and transaction process. Driven by the increasing number of questions we receive about this issue we have created a brief guide as to what to consider and how to approach the issue of selling a business. Please click here to read the guide.

Interested In Hearing Laurie Daley Speak After Our Victorious State Of Origin Win?


Interested in hearing:
Laurie Daley 
NSW Blues Coach

Nathan Hindmarsh
 NSW Origin Legend

Mark Coyne 
QLD Origin Legend and Backs Coach

Chris Bath
 Channel 7 Nightly Newsreader

Jim Wilson 
Channel 7 Sports Commentator

All of these people in 1 event, and you could be there –
Click here to find out more.



10 Ways to Trigger an ATO Audit

With the financial year having just finished, it’s now time to give some thought to tax returns. For business owners, there are many ways you can trigger an ATO Audit with the ATO making it clear in their compliance program for 2013-2014 that they will be active in their review and audit process. Click here to read about 10 common ways private businesses can trigger an ATO Audit and how you can reduce the risk of triggering an audit.


The Five Issues Small Businesses Face and How to Get Over Them

With economic uncertainty continuing to have an impact on small businesses, its important to have a business path that outlines the most successful options available for a business to grow. Too many businesses are caught up with trying to solve problems instead of using that time to make a business as successful as possible. We offer five issues that are generally associated with underlying problems of a business, which if addressed should ease a business’s path. Click here to read more.


Why baby boomers are so afraid of retirement

With Australia’s superannuation system, being the fourth largest in the world, it’s a system that is constantly growing and at times is confusing. With this in mind, it seems many baby boomers are confused about superannuation and how they’ll manage in retirement. Click here to read more.




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